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Wednesday, October 25, 2023 at PISD Administration Building (Meeting will begin at 6:30 p.m.)




Request to speak is to be turned in to the Superintendent or Presiding Officer before the meeting starts. As a courtesy, the Board of Trustees shall allow a person to address the Board during the “Open Forum” time or the time of the Agenda Item. The allotted time to a single person or spokesman of a group on the same subject shall be five (5) minutes. The Board shall be unable to take any formal action on a subject presented to it during the “Open Forum”. The Board is able to take formal action only on those items which appear on the agenda.

It is to be noted there are two areas which cannot be brought up during the “Open Forum”. They are: (1) areas dealing with personnel and (2) areas dealing with student discipline.

Any subject dealing with personnel or student discipline has to be placed on the agenda before it can be discussed with the Board of Trustees. The petitioner needs to have gone through the process of (a) speaking to the appropriate teacher – if applicable, (b) speaking to the appropriate campus principal, and (c) speaking to the superintendent. If after each appropriate level has been addressed and the petitioner is still not satisfied, they are to submit to the Superintendent of Schools a letter requesting to appear before the Board of Trustees. Their complaint should be specifically stated. This letter requesting to address the Board shall be in the Office of the Superintendent no later than noon of the sixth (6th) calendar day preceding the meeting. 




Iris Galindo

Iris Galindo- School Board President

Start Term: 2021          End Term: 2025

Marco Lujan

Marco Lujan- School Board Vice President

Start Term: 2023          End Term: 2027

Perla Natividad

Perla Natividad- School Board Secretary

Start Term: 2023          End Term: 2027

Jaime Sanchez

Jaime Sanchez- School Board Member

Start Term: 2023          End Term: 2027

Brenda Witty

Brenda Witty- School Board Member

Start Term: 2023          End Term: 2027

Tino Martinez

Juventino Martinez- School Board Member

Start Term: 2021          End Term: 2025

Jusby Vazquez

Jusby Vazquez- School Board Member

Start Term: 2021          End Term: 2025