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Mission Statement

Our mission is  to create a safe and secure environment for our students, to raise mental health awareness and provide the necessary support and services our students deserve and need.


Services Offered

School- bases counseling

Skills training

Family skills training

Referrals for clinical psychotherapy


Meet the Counselor

Victor H. Hernandez M.Ed.LPC graduated from Presidio High School in 1999 and shortly after joined the Marine Corps, where he served in key operations in the Afghanistan and Iraq wars.  He was honorably discharged with the rank of sergeant.  From there he embarked on pursuing an education in the world of psychology and counseling, where he found one of his major passions in life, which is to work in the early childhood school system. In the past 14 years, he have gained experience working in the mental health field where he have served as a suicide prevention crisis worker, psychotherapist, and most recently as a clinician.

Mr. Hernandez along with the 2023 PISD administration are currently working towards creating a district-wide counseling programs, bullying prevention mechanisms, and positive-structural discipline programs.  Additionaly PISD is also offering parenting classes and counseling-based skills for students and teachers.




How to Request Services

To request counseling services or to speak to the counselor please call the following number and request a parent conference:


Presidio Elementary School:

(432) 229- 3200


Lucy Rede Franco Middle School:

(432) 229- 3113


Presidio High School:

(432) 229- 1100


*or email Victor Hernandez for more information


Victor Hernandez


Alonso Hernandez


Ana Martinez