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District Skills USA

Posted Date: 03/06/2023

District Skills USA

Welding Hand-On competition consisted of a written exam and on-site welding.

The following students competed; Diego Escudero, Alejandro Rodriguez, Aldo Cortez, Jorge Sanchez, Jaime Melendez, Nico Valdez, Gael Nogal, Ruben Montoya, Carlos Renteria, Eric Mendoza, David Venegas, and Cristobal Gutierrez. (Mr. Jesus Zubia, teacher)

Job Exhibits included projects and project notebooks.

Students from Print and Imaging presented mounted photographs.

The following students competed; Erika Andujo, Ruby Armendariz, Kimberly Banuelos, Jose Angel Hernandez, and Ana Sotelo. (Mrs. Sophia Hernandez, teacher)

Welding job exhibits were also presented. The solar car and the solar car trailer were individual projects. The following students worked on the solar car Gael Nogal, Diego Escudero, Cristobal Gutierrez, James Carrasco, Ruben Montoya, Carlos Renteria, Sergio Aranda, and Paul Carillo. (Mr. Jesus Zubia, teacher)

The following students worked on the solar car trailer Aldo Cortez, Alejandro Rodriguez, Jorge Sanchez, Jaime Melendez, Nico Valdez, and David Venegas (Mr. Jesus Zubia, teacher)

Job exhibits all received blue ribbons, advancing them to the State Skills USA meet in Corpus Christi, Texas.

A Welding Sculpture was created by Eric Mendoza. He welded a sculpture of a tank out of scrap metal. Along with his project notebook, he was interviewed about the process of his project as part of his competition. (Mr. Jesus Zubia, teacher)

Eric Mendoza is the first PHS student to be recognized at the District Award Ceremony with his 3rd place Welding Sculpture.

Congratulations to all!