“Another school year,

another challenge, 

another opportunity to make a difference”


At Presidio Elementary, we will be responsible for our learning, we will respect ourselves and other, we will be safe in our actions, and we will be the best that we can be.

We are a TEAM: In this school…

We work Together

We treat Everyone with respect and as essential part of the team

We Achieve goals we set for ourselves and others

We do More when we act together as a team.

We are the team PES!!! 

Mr. Glenn Omar, Principal (Prek-2)



Mr. ernie g. monte, principal (3-5)

The Administrators of PES are responsible for ensuring that every student receives high-quality instruction; that there are high-quality teachers and staff in every classroom and throughout the school; modeling a consistent focus and commitment in improving student learning; establishing and implementing a shared vision and culture of high expectations for all staff and students; and for implementing systems that align with the school’s vision and improve the quality of instruction (TEA).

We believe that every child is a unique individual who needs a nurturing and caring environment in which to grow and develop emotionally, intellectually, physically, and socially. In this educational process, we value parents and community and see them as partners in pursuing this common belief. Our school is a safe and nurturing place for every child to achieve their full potential, ready for their next educational journey.

Student Populations per grade

PK: 49

Kinder: 89

1st Grade: 81

2nd Grade: 81

3rd Grade: 91

4th Grade: 104

5th Grade: 71

Total 566

Number of Teachers, Support Staff, Office Staff

Teachers: 43 Office Staff: 8

Support Staff: 35

2016 Accountability Rating for campus

Met Standards on:

  • Student Achievement
  • Student Progress
  • Closing Performance Gaps
  • Postsecondary Readiness

Performance Index Report

Score Target Score
Index 1 Student Achievement 69 60
Index 2 Student Progress 47 32
Index 3 Closing Performance Gaps 41 28
Index 4 Postsecondary Readiness 24 12

Performance Index Summary

Index Points Earned Maximum Points Index Score
1-Student Achievement 453 660 69
2-Student Progress 375 800 47
3-Closing Performance Gaps 331 800 41
4-Post Secondary Readiness STAAR Score Graduation Rate Score

Graduation Plan Score

Postsecondary Component Score

24.0 N/A




Campus Demographics

Campus Type Elementary
Campus Size 612 Students
Grade Span EE-05
Percent Economically Disadvantaged 94.3
Percent English Language Learners 79.4
Mobility Rate 12.1

System Safeguards

Number of Percentage of Indicator Met

Performance Rates 15 out 16 = 94%
Participation Rates 8 out of 8 = 100%
Graduation Rates N/A
Total 23 out of 24 = 96%

Plans of Action or any new things happening this school year

  • Student Assemblies
  • PES Students Publishing Program
  • PES Parent Center


2016-2017 PES Federal Report Card