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Friday, February 09, 2018

Presidio High School Blue Devil Band Students Compete at UIL Event

The Presidio High School Band traveled to Monahans, TX on Saturday, Feb. 3 to compete in the Region 6  UIL Solo & Ensemble Contest.  Students performed either a solo, ensemble or both at this competition for a judge, receiving a rating of 1-5(I being most desired).  They prepared materials from the state list of difficulty level 3 to level 1(most difficult).  Students performing Class One Ensembles & Solos(memorized) also have the opportunity of advancing to the state competition held in Austin in May, which is the case for 35 of the PHS Band Members.  The following students received a division one on a class one memorized solo and are advancing to the state competition: 

On flute - Karyme Valdez(12),

Alto Saxophone - Ivan Contreras(12), 

Trombone -  Ceasar Armendariz(12),

Keyboard Percussion - Ricardo Chapa(10) & Jasmin Deanda(11) .  Students advancing to state competition with an ensemble are:  

Flute Quartet-Karyme Valdez(12), Yaritza Garcia(11), Alejandra Valles(9), Adriana Sanchez(9); 

Clarinet Quartet – Viviana Salazar(12), Shantel Garcia(12), Andres Escontrias(12), Miranda Saenz(12); 

Clarinet Quartet – Vianney Gonzalez(10), Melissa Lozano(11), Daniela Soto(10), Arany Velasco(10); 

Saxophone Quartet – Ivan Contreras(12), Ismael Carrasco(11), Desirae Lujan(11), Omar Udave(11); 

Trumpet Quartet – Homero Ramos(12), Alexis Contreras(10), Alejandra Armendariz(9), Isabel Subia(9); 

Trombone Quartet – Ceasar Armendariz(12), Sebastian Madrid(10), Anais Valdivia(9), Jesus Quiroz(9); 

Percussion Ensemble – Adrian Escontrias(10), Ricardo Chapa(10), Jasmine Deanda(11), Roberto Reyna(10), Jose Armendariz(9), Pedro Sanchez(9). 

Also receiving a division one on a class one solo(unmemorized) was on trumpet – Alejandra Armendariz(9), on French Horn- Izabella Ornelas(10), on percussion – Manuel Bustamante. 

Class 2 Solos receiving a division one medal were on flute – Vanessa Rodriguez(10), on Clarinet – Maria Anaya(11), Michelle Knight(9), Luis Ornelas(9), Paulina Rios(9), Kaycee Valenzuela(9), Pamela Viramontes(9);  on Bass Clarinet – Myla Goldston(9); on trombone – Priscila Enriquez(10), Anais Valdivia(9), Jesus Quiroz(9); on baritone – Emilio Rios(9); on keyboard percussion – Jose Armendariz(9).

Performing a Class 2 Ensemble and receiving a division one rating- Clarinet Trio – Michelle Knight(9), Emely Viramontes(9), Pamela Viramontes(9);  Saxophone Quartet – Crystal Catano(9), Vivian Valenzuela(9), Sergio Prieto(9), Elian Lujan(10).  Receiving a division one on a class 3 solos on flute – Leslie Carrasco(9); on Alto Saxophone – Nicole Tavarez(9).  Receiving a division one on a class 3 ensemble  Clarinet Quartet – Luis Ornelas(9), Paulina Rios(9), Kaycee Valenzuela(9), Emely Viramontes(9); Baritone Quartet – Emilio Rios(9), Nataly Martinez(12), Wendy Piedra(11), Isabel Subia(9); Percussion Ensemble – Juliana Chapa(9), Alejandro Montemayor(9), Julia Montoya(9), Miguel Ornelas(9), Andy Perez(9), Aaron Valenzuela(9).  Receiving a division 2 were soloists  Desirae Lujan(11) on tenor saxophone; Alejandra Valles(9), Adriana Sanchez(9), Briseida Rubio(9) on a flute trio; Kaelah Carbajal(9), Abril Lopez(9), Jessica Zuniga(9) on a clarinet quartet. 

After performing in the competition, the PHS band members traveled to Ruidoso, NM for a fun & educational field trip to Winter Part Snow Tubing weekend.  Band Director, Mrs. Lucy Ferguson, says “This was definitely a weekend that will last in the memories of these talented students.   I am very proud of all of them, not only for their performances, but by the respect & good behavior displayed on our trip.   It is a priviledge to be their teacher.”